Brief Bio

  • Practicing Lawyer for 29 years in Pennsylvania

  • Registered as an Independent for many years

  • Running on both Republican and Democratic tickets because “I believe that judges should be impartial”

Why I want to be a judge. 

In many ways, my whole life has served as training for my becoming a Judge. My knowledge of and experience with the judicial system, dedication to serving my community, and commitment to ethical decisiveness make me both eager to serve and well-qualified to be elected Magisterial District Judge. 

Experienced and knowledgeable.

I know the legal system from the ground up. I first served as a paralegal for a large corporate law firm, learning the court system and big litigation processes. During Law School, I saw the other end of the socio-economic spectrum when I served as a summer law clerk for the Legal Services Corporation. Whether as trial attorney defending patent rights, or deposing litigious employees, my advocacy skills developed by appearing in court. As lead in-house counsel in employment and labor matters, I continued to seek and find opportunities to gain expertise in many substantive areas of the law, including family law, landlord tenant and even some criminal law. 


Dedicated to serving.

Public service and volunteer work is a way of life for me. From the time I was a young helper at the Church bazaar or in Brownie Girl Scouts, to today, when I represent Protection From Abuse victims pro bono or Chair the Aquinas Guild Service Committee, service to community and humanity is a large part of what makes my life meaningful. Serving as judge offers the next step in my goal to not just give back, but to be a good steward also. 


Committed to ethical decisiveness

In every aspect of my life, I hold true to high ethics, collaborative listening, and decisive action. I believe my strengths are empathy, self-discipline and high energy execution. To bring effective resolution, sometimes sheer hard work is required; at other times, listening, collaborating, and an alternate perspective may be the best factors for success. My skills have been put to the test in the corporate world as well as the non-profit sector, helping to solve difficult problems and move the organization and the world around us positively forward.